Private Yoga Sessions

Private Yoga Sessions

Sessions are designed to your individual needs. Classes are generally 60-75 minutes. Who are Private Yoga sessions designed for? Beginners who are nervous about joining a regular class, students with physical injuries that may limit their movement, social anxiety that prevents student from joining a class, students who want a more defined and personalized practice.

Yoga Wellness Coaching

Would you like to change your perspective on life? Are you finding daily stress to be overwhelming? Are you dealing with a life event and need support? Do you have goals that you want to meet but need an accountability coach?

Yoga wellness is a case study session. Since Jillian is not yet a Certified Yoga Therapist, this a mutually beneficial relationship for both the student and the teacher. In a Yoga wellness session we will look at a client’s lifestyle and use the yoga principles to bring a client into a more balance state. A typical class uses breathing techniques, yoga asana (poses), and yoga philosophy. Each session will end with a mini reiki session. Sessions are generally 60-75 minutes.


Reiki is a relaxation technique that allows for the release of blockages and excess energy. In a typical reiki session the client will either lie on the floor or sit in a chair. The reiki practitioner will place her hand on the client or hands will hover just above client. There are many benefits to reiki! Even doctors and hospitals are recommending it to their clients. session is typically 45-60 minutes long.

A general overview of reiki.

Hooping Sessions

Curious about hooping? A mixture of dance, fitness, and nostalgia (remember hula hooping as a child?) This is for anyone who is interested in beginning hooping, or wants to deepen their hooping skills.

All session prices are $45 per session. If you are interested but need a reduced price due to financial restrictions, please discuss this with me.